S.G. WOLFGANG consist of four fiercely keen characters from Milton Keynes with names such as Sean Grant (guitar / vocals), Steve Fiske (guitar / vocals), Phil Andreas (keyboards) and Matt Banham (drums). ‘The Shadows Are Lengthening’ is their debut album and is due out in the autumn dark of October 5th. 

Over the past few months the moderately furious foursome have been locked away in Seamus Wong Studios in Leicester with Paul Warriner creating a debut album dotted with cranky power chords and creaking hyper-ballads, nodding along the way at the likes of QOTSA, Rocket From The Crypt and Afghan Whigs. Mixed by Paul Gregory of Lanterns On The Lake, if the title ‘The Shadows Are Lengthening’ sounds ominous then Sean Grant isn’t about to lighten the load. 

“During the writing of the album I was in a very dark place personally, dealing with a lot of inner conflicts within my own life, battling with a depression that I’d struggled with and hidden my whole life... even from myself,” he says, carefully. 

“The whole album is a box of inner demons, a diary of my internal voices. ‘Souls Out’ in particular is when everything has been stripped back to the bone, but even further than that, to your soul. You’re standing naked, but more than naked there is no body, there is just your consciousness left floating like a tiny cosmos with no material things to cling on to anymore. ‘Souls Out’ is the end of the rope, the end of the line when you’ve exhausted all other avenues. “Cut your heart from your sleeve”…you’re just there with your Soul Out exposed for everyone to see."