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Paul Gregory is a Mercury shortlisted producer, mix engineer and founding member of the band Lanterns On The Lake.


In recent years Paul has become more specialised in the world of mixing.


Entirely self taught, and now with over 10 years experience, he has worked with a variety of artists and labels including Lanterns On The Lake, Editors, Minor Victories, Mastersystem, Philip Selway, October Drift, Douglas Dare, Holly Macve, The Leisure Society, Bella Union, PIAS, Erased Tapes, Atlantic, Sony, Fierce Panda, BBC, BT Sport and many more.

Career highlight - Lanterns On The Lake 'Spook The Herd' - shortlisted for the 2020 Mercury Music Prize - produced and mixed by Paul

For any mixing or production enquiries please get in touch. Paul would love to hear from you


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